Partnership: China Merchants Group & Yaping Group

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On August 28, 2017 local time, China Merchants Group(CMG) signed Cooperation Agreement with Yaping Group. CMG Chairman Li Jianhong and Nantong Municipality CPPCC Chairman Huang Weidong, CMG Assistant President Hong Xiaoyuan oversees the signature ceremony where CMG Executive Vice President Sun Chengming signs with Yaping Group Chairman Lv Yaping.

The ceremony in Shenzhen brings the huge pact, which moves to deepen cooperation, a step to intertwining a close bilateral relationship. In the light of Cooperation Agreement,CMG will work closely with Yaping Group in commercialization of rare wood cultural industry, particularly agilawood. "There's various potential cooperation areas between two groups, namely financial capital, industry and community park, trade facilitation, mass health and cultural exchange" says Li Jianhong.

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