China Merchants Group Chairman Li Jianhong Delivers New Year’s Speech

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We say goodbye to the year 2017 and welcome the year 2018. As a new year begins, everything takes on a new look. I, on behalf of China Merchants Group(CMG), wish to extend my New Year greetings to our friends, partnerships and 200,000 China Merchants People across five continents in the world.

For China and CMG, the year of 2017 was not only outstanding but also unforgettable. The year 2017 witnessed The 19th National Congress of PRC and CMG 145-year Anniversary. We held on market-oriented and innovation-driven development with global perspective. We deepened reform, optimized strategy, standardized management and controlled risks, so as to improve the quality&efficiency and inject growth new drivers. On the way of world-class conglomerate, CMG's reform and innovation work gained substantial achievements in the year 2017.

CMG strengthened the non-financial sector and remained engine to the long-term development. The strategic restructuring with Sinotrans&CSC basically finished and got encouraging progresses. China Merchants Expressway Network & Technology successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Research and Innovation in high-end manufacturing equipment gained outstanding achievements. CMG increased investments to Shantou Port and integrated Liaoning Port. High-end cruise tourism, comprehensive health industry sprung up. Restarting business in Shanghai and Expanding businesses in Xiong An New Area have been forging ahead. As a demonstration base of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Group provided a good platform for entrepreneurs, bringing more than 100,000 new positions. These reform measures invigorate our overall competitiveness.

CMG consolidated the financial sector and made it serve real economy better. The resume of Renhe Life Insurance made Chinese insurance history ahead nearly 60 years. China Merchants Ping An AMC, the first AMC in Shenzhen, was founded and gained profits within the same year. China Merchants Fintech was set up, which constitutes CMG's financial layout more comprehensive. The key indicators of banking business were more robust than the market. China Merchants Securities has been awarded AA level security for 10 consecutive years. China Merchants Capital successfully set up 10-billion national funds with focus on real economy and national strategy.

CMG rooted in "The Belt and Road" construction and expanded global businesses. In Djibouti, Free Trade Zone was on the construction phase, duplicating PPC business model(Port-Park-City) in oversees. In Belarus, The Great Stone Project gained outstanding progresses, with 20 enterprises into China-Belarus Industry Park. This shows China-Belarus Commerce& Logistics Park was on the operation. In Sri Lanka, Colombo International Container Terminals gained leaping development and Hambantota Port was officially operated by CMG. CMG successfully acquired ports in Brazil. The Logistics Corridor between Europe and China had a optimized picture with more frequent block trains, which contributes to the connectivity among countries along "The Belt and Road" Initiative.

As long as we pay, there will be gains.Through our joint efforts, the increases of CMG maintained at a high level, with revenues and total profits reaching 560 billion RMB and 120 billion RMB respectively. The main business indicators continued to keep double-digit increase. While reform and innovation have been pushed forward comprehensively, CMG has been awarded as A-level SOE for 13 consecutive years.

Such achievements stemmed from the supports of national leadership, our partnerships and China Merchants Group People. I, on behalf of CMG, extend the highest respect to all of them. We are proud of 2017 and confident about 2018. 2018 is 40-year Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, which is transitional and crucial in the New Era.

In the new year, our resolution is embracing challenges and opportunities in New Era. There is no other choice than reform and innovation to achieve our dream in this complicated and volatile background.The 19th National Congress points out the new direction for us, with importance attaching to sustainable and quality growth. We thus adjust strategy to "Dynamic Co-development among Quality, Effectiveness and Scale". We put quality on the top task and give priority to effectiveness.

In the new year, the key is to establish a spirit to prevail, continue to immerse ourselves in hard work, implement the development concepts of innovation. Every CMGer should play our full potential and use all our strength rather than being a spectator in reform and innovation. Only with all CMGers hardship in improving quality and efficiency can we create a more inspiring story of China Merchants Group. All CMGers, let us join hands and move forward together to embrace 40-year Anniversary of Opening-up and Reform .

Thank You!                                       

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