Chairman Li Jianhong Meets with Deputy Secretary-General of National Development and Reform Commission

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On January 9, 2018 local time, China Merchants Group(CMG) Chairman Li Jianhong meets in Hong Kong with Fan Hengshan, Deputy Secretary-general of National Development and Reform Commission, exchanging ideas about the concerned issue, Greater Bay Area. CMG Director&CMF Chairman and CEO Hong Xiaoyuan attends the meeting.

Li Jianhong introduces that the total asset and profit of CMG break 7.8 trillion and 120 billion respectively in 2017, continuously raking first and second among all SOEs. In the recent years, CMG actively participates in "Go Global" strategy, concluding PPC(Port-Park-City) business model. Currently, CMG has in total 51 ports among 20 countries. "We will spare no effort to making full use of our strengths to fulfill national needs to make even more contributions to Great Bay Area." says Li. Fan Hengshan speaks highly of contributions that CMG had made, which indicates CMG's global perspective.

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