Former SASAC Director-general Li Rongrong Visits China Merchants Group

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On January 29, 2018 local time, Li Rongrong, Former Chairman of SASAC  and Vice Chairmen of CCIEE, visits China Merchants Group (CMG) in Hong Kong. CMG Chairman Li Jianhong, CFO Fu Gangfeng, Executive Vice President Hu Jianhua delivers work report about Group's development.

Li Jianhong introduces that the business indicators of CMG hit historic high in the last year, with revenues increasing 18% to 584.4 billion, profits growing 14% to 127.1 billion and total assets breaking 7.3 trillion. Fu Gangfeng gives introduction about "The Belt and Road" Initiative, Reform&Innovation, Restructuring with Sinotrans&CSC. Hu Jianhua adds information of Group's footprint on Djibouti, Sri Lanka and other flagship projects. Li Rongrong speaks highly of the encouraging achievements CMG has made and suggests to develop in a long-term perspective with importance on risk management.

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