"Connecting the world, penetrating all over China" is the ultimate dream of China's transportation development, which is also the division of CMG transportation (including ports and related services, toll roads, energy shipping and logistics, ship repairing and oceaneering etc.) is pursuing.

  • Ports

    Being a global leading and the No.1 public port service provider in China, China Merchants Holdings (International) Co., Ltd. is widely recognized in its large-scale, allocation, management and performance in the international capital market.

  • Toll Road

    China Merchants Hua Jian Highway Investment Co., Ltd has the widest investment scope and holds stock shares in most listed companies among all operating toll road enterprises in China.

  • Shipping

    China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd operates and manages the earliest and most experienced oil tanker and bulk carrier fleet and is the 4th largest energy transportation enterprise in the world.

  • Logistics

    China Merchants Logistic Group Ltd determines to become a Chinese leading supply chain service provider with specialties in concentrating, networking, informative and standardization.

  • Marine Repairing

    China Merchants Industry Holding Co., Ltd applies differentiated competitive strategy for becoming a world-class enterprise that works on marine equipment supplies and ship repairing.

  • Trading

    Hoi Tung Marine Machinery Suppliers Ltd has been committed to expanding import and export market of marine products. It becomes one of the biggest suppliers in marine industry of China.


The finance sector of CMG covers four major finance areas: banking, securities, insurance, funds and assets management. All together constitute a distinguished financial system with various areas of services and establish a good corporate band in financial industry.


China Merchants Bank--the best bank in mainland China.


China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd--one of the most competitive securities traders in China.


The CMG insurance sector is constituted by China Merchants Houlder Insurance Broker Ltd, China Merchants Shanghai Houlder Insurance Broker Ltd. and China Merchants Far East Houlder Insurance Broker Ltd etc.


Funds and assets management are run by CMG's affiliations such as China Merchants Capital Management Ltd and Bosera Assets Management Co Ltd.


The property sector of CMG can be dated back to the 19th Chinese Westernization Movement, then it flowed the Chinese economic reform in 1980s, proudly enjoying a long history.. Nowadays our business concentrates in specialized zone development & operation, community development & operation and cruise ship industry management.

  • Development Zones
  • Community Development
  • Cruise

Development Zones

The Business covers development of special industry zone, experiential HOPSCA, industrial carrier and service concerned.

Community Development

The business is majored in elite real estate development and property management under the supervision of China Merchants Property Development Co., Ltd.


Cruise industry construction and operation include supporting cruise homeport construction and maintaining ferry service of Shekou Ferry Terminal, which are run by CMG Shekou Ferry Terminal Service Co., Ltd.