Miao Jianmin attends China Merchants Port's 2021 annual work conference

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On February 3, China Merchants Port held the 2021 annual work conference in Shenzhen. Group Chairman Miao Jianmin attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Executive Vice President Deng Renjie presided over the meeting.

Miao Jianmin fully recognised the achievements of the work of China Merchants Port. He pointed out that during the 13th Five-Year Plan, China Merchants Port achieved leapfrogging development, which had gradually developed from a terminal operator into a comprehensive port service provider. In the year of 2020, against the background of the impact of the pandemic and the deep recession of the world economy, China Merchants Port's epidemic prevention and control work was solid and effective. China Merchants Port managed to achieve growths in both port throughput and operating income and completed the profit budget task. The construction of the smart port also made notable achievements, bringing the 13th Five-Year Plan to a successful conclusion. China Merchants Group will fully support the development of China Merchants Port and strengthen the great synergy among subsidiaries of the port, transportation and logistics business sectors, striving to achieve the goal of building a world-class enterprise at an early date.

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