Liaoning Port Co. Ltd. officially debuted on the capital market

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On February 9, as the Chinese Lunar New Year approached, Liaoning Port Co. Ltd.'s listing ceremony was held online. This marked that the two listed companies under Liaoning Port Group successfully merged into one and Liaoning Port Co. Ltd. officially debuted on the capital market. As the first listed company in the domestic port industry that executed a share exchange and absorption merger project, this is not only a new approach to explore the deep integration of ports in the capital market, but also a significant initiative to further deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and realise the deep integration and integrated operation of ports in Liaoning.

In response to the national anti-epidemic policy call, the ceremony was held on the online roadshow platform of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Wang Mingyu, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, Miao Jianmin, Chairman of China Merchants Group, Hu Jianhua, President of China Merchants Group, Dai Zhihao, President of Ansteel, Huang Zhaohui, representative of intermediaries and CEO of CICC, and Deng Renjie, Executive Vice President of China Merchants Group and Chairman of Liaoning Port Group, participated in the ceremony online.

Playback of the listing ceremony:

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