Cultivate global talents by shaping a blue dream

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Back in 1870s, China Merchants Group (CMG) sent Chinese students to the United States to study western science and engineering. The move greatly contributed to China's modernization in various industries. In turn, now CMG is providing training programs to young people along the Belt and Road Initiative countries and regions in an aim to boost global development. China Merchants C-Blue Training Program (C-Blue Training Program), introduced by CMG and its subsidiary China Merchants Port (CMPort) in 2016, is one of such programs.

C-Blue Training Program is to build interaction platform for global port and shipping industry personnel, to help them gain knowledge, broaden vision, and develop friendship. The one-month program provides lectures from professional institutions in China coupled with field visits to leading terminals in the country. The vision of the program is to pursue a blue dream of common prosperity under the Belt and Road Initiative.

As of now, 188 participants from 21 countries such as Sri Lanka and Djibouti, were invited to China in the past 5 years to join the C-Blue Training Program. All trainees felt amazed by what they have learned and experienced in the program. In their feedbacks, they gained insights of the latest technological trends in the port and shipping industry, learned about Chinese culture, and exchanged knowledge through communication and camaraderie. They also believed that what they have learned from the program would greatly help with their work and benefit industry development in their countries. Thanks to the effect and influence brought about by the program, in 2020, C-Blue Training Program was recognized as a leading brand building practice by SASAC, China's state assets supervising body, and was awarded a charity prize at a city level by Shenzhen government.

Despite the C-Blue Training Program, CMG is also shouldering responsibility in cultivating talents and providing jobs in the Belt and Road Initiative countries and regions where it invests in or operates projects.
In Sri Lanka, Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) provides local employees with chance to receive training in China and CMPort’s other international ports. A total of 45 employees, 19 of which are from Sri Lanka, have been given chance to relocate and work in CMPort’s projects in other countries.

The Hambantota International Port(HIP)collaborates with the Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce and local universities to hold job fairs, providing employment opportunities for students majoring in maritime studies. It joins hands with the National Apprenticeship and Industrial Training Authority of Sri Lanka to provide port-related vocational training and career guidance to local young people. It also sponsors events of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association to create awareness for the cause of enhanced female participation in the industry.

In Belarus, CMG keeps improving work ability of local employees by providing diversified courses such as language, professional knowledge, and vocational skill training.

In Djibouti,in order to strengthen communication among local employees, the International Djibouti Industrial Parks Operation FZCO has joined hands with its partners carrying out Chinese and French language training programs, having benefited 79 employees so far.



The C-Blue Training Program held a graduation ceremony in 2016.


Employees from Sri Lanka received their certificates after finishing a port operation training in Shenzhen in 2013.


HIPG enhances local education system in Sri Lanka.


A Chinese language training program is held in Belarus.


A Chinese language training program is held in Djibouti.

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