Overseas ESG in Action|China Merchants Djibouti Project Carries Out Orphan Care Activities


On the morning of March 9, Djibouti's Dariyer Orphanage was filled with laughter and a lively and festive atmosphere. The minibus donation activity funded by China Merchants Charity Foundation and co-sponsored by China Merchants Djibouti Project is holding a handover ceremony here. Hu Bin, Chinese Ambassador to Djibouti, Ms. Ulufa, Minister of Social Affairs and Solidarity of Djibouti, and Safia, First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Djibouti, attended the event and delivered speeches. President of Djibouti Port and Free Trade Zone Aboubacar, Secretary General of Djibouti National Women's Union Fatouma, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Djibouti Xiao Wensheng and others attended the event.

Li Rui, head of China Merchants Group Djibouti Project, said that as a corporate citizen, China Merchants Djibouti Project works closely with China Merchants Charity Foundation to fulfill its social responsibility and help the disadvantaged groups through a series of public welfare projects that benefit the local people's livelihood. We hope the donated minibus can facilitate the travel of orphanage children and give them more opportunities and space for development. We also hope that this donation will call for more social forces to pay attention to the development of the orphanage, so that more orphans in need can receive care and support.

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