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Chairman's Address

Chairman's Address

The footsteps of the times are approaching, and the bells of the New Year are ringing. On behalf of China Merchants Group, I would like to extend my best wishes for a happy new year, to the leaders of all levels, friends from all walks, staffs around the world.

China Merchants Group is seeking for excellence day by day and rewarded by its continuous efforts. Looking back on 2018, China Merchants Group made substantial achievements in various fields in reform, innovation and development.

The Group has continued its strong business performance for many years and achieved a leaping development. The Group's revenue exceeded 600 billion RMB, and its total profit reached a new level of 150 billion RMB. The main operating indicators maintained a double-digit growth. The Group has been awarded the A-level Central SOE for 14 consecutive years by SASAC.

China Merchants Group was listed in the Fortune Global 500 for its first time application, which has created a record of the most time-honored company in the list with its 146-year history. China Merchants Bank has been ranked among the world's top 500 companies for seven consecutive years and awarded as The Best Retail Bank in Asia for the first time by Magazine The Asian Banker. China Merchants Group became the first central enterprise to have two Fortune Global 500 companies. China Merchants Group Dream, to build as a world-class company with global competitiveness is gradually approaching.

With the great support of government, China Merchants Group has made important breakthroughs in port integration project of Liaoning Province. On November 28, 2018, the Capital Increase Agreement of Liaoning Port Cooperation Project signed by China Merchants and Liaoning Provincial Government officially came into effect. Liaoning Port Group is about to be formally established, which will contribute to revitalize the Northeast and build a shipping center in Northeast Asia.

The port business sector has achieved the substantial growth with ranking first in cargo throughputs globally after the restructuring between China Merchants Port and Shenzhen Chiwan Port. The move of newly listing in A-share fulfills its the world-leading port dream.

CMG has become the largest logistics operator after the Group’s logistics sector listing on the market with China Merchants Logistics into Sinotrans. The global freight forwarding and third-party logistics businesses ranks among the top in the world. The on-forging digitalization project remains the engine for world-leading intelligent logistics platform.

CMG has been actively participating in the construction of the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port. The all-weather strategic agreement with Hainan province facilitates the cooperations among regional economy, development, offshore manufacturing, financial services and investment, health&pharmaceutical and other industries.

We will resolutely speed up the pace of going global and the implementation of The Belt and Road Initiative. China-Belarus Commerce&Logistics Park phase I has been fully operating. Djibouti International Free Trade Zone started to operate under the witness of five African leaders and AU chairman. The comprehensive development project of the Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka has been completed in transactions. The project of China Railway Express plus Japan has been into implementation. The construction on The Belt and Road Initiative has achieved fruitful results.
In 2018, we hold on the strategetic principle of prioritizing long-term development and cherishing current opportunities to cope with the dynamic and complicated international situation. The concept of quality growth as first, effectiveness as priority with corresponding development scale is rooted in the daily work. The continuous reform and innovation work underpins the high-quality growth path.

This year, we attach importance to the long-term strategic planning. The Group adheres to the benchmark of world-class, continuously optimizing its strategic objectives, principles, concepts and arrangements, integrating corporate into national strategies, and transforming the country's strategic development opportunities into the Group's growth. We promote the integration of China Merchants Zhangzhou into the listing platform of China Merchants Shekou and the establishment of “China Offshore” in Qianhai, Shenzhen. The move will lay the foundation for the advanced manufacturing business of the marine economy. NJTC was reorganized and relisted on the market. The construction of the Haimen cruise base starts from the polar cruise and then launch the luxury cruise, which has obtained the national support of research and development on the whole industry chain; The healthcare and pharmaceutical departement was set up to mobilize resources for nurturing the emerging industry. The strategical layout was blueprinted along with the acquisition of Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research. On the top of above breakthroughs on the new drivers, The Group annually invests 1% of its revenue on the innovation R&D, and establishes Fintech subsidiary to grasp the trend.

This year, we seize opportunities to achieve the sustainable growth. The headquarter’s functions are optimized to Three S management model with the establishment of auditing, financial sharing, bidding centers. The three major sectors of transportation and logistics, city and park development, and comprehensive finance are intensively engaged to unleash the synergy effect. The implementation of the quality improvement project is initiated to increase ROE so that the capital structure and cash flow will be more scientific and liquid. The Group builds its distinctive innovation system and holds innovation campaign to achieve the smart growth. 

This year, China embraces its 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In the past 40 years, China Merchants, as an important participant, promoter and beneficiary, has always been advancing in the span of historical progress and times’trend. The reform and opening up has promoted the leap-forwarding development of China Merchants Group, with its current total assets over 8 trillion yuan and member as hundred billions club.

The achievements are not inevitable, but the long-term support from our partners, the dedicated efforts of our employees and the time-proven policy. On behalf of China Merchants Group, I would like to extend the sincere gratitudes to all of you. 

Every day is a new starting point, and everyone is embarking on a new journey. "Go ahead and don't look back." In 2019, it is a crucial year for further going global and accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises. At the new journey, the new development must driven by innovation and technology. Fruits will not have to be in my turn and successes must have my efforts. Let us embrace the changes in the dynamic world to realize our China Merchants Dream of building as world-class enterprise step by step.

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