Li Jianhong presides over China Merchants Bank 2019 Annual General Meeting

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On June 23, China Merchants Bank 2019 Annual General Meeting was held at the China Merchants Bank Tower.

In response to the external situation and China Merchants Bank's operation and management, Li Jianhong stated that COVID-19 has been changing the international landscape profoundly, with trade and investment stagnation and economic growth contraction. In the short term, the epidemic is hard to vanish quickly, economic fundamentals are recovering slowly, risks are still accumulating, and the impact of the proliferation of global liquidity and the sharp increase in government debt levels remains to be seen. A series of substantial fiscal and monetary policies and measures issued by the central government in response to the impact will be able to stabilize the fundamentals of the Chinese economy effectively. Li Jianhong spoke highly of China Merchants Bank's steady growth under the impact of the epidemic and further pointed out that China Merchants Bank will continue to uphold to strategic determination, further strengthen the control of debt costs and operating costs, actively engage in risk management, strive to achieve sustained and stable operation and create long-term value returns for shareholders.

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