Hu Jianhua meets Zhao Haishan, Vice Governor of Hubei Province

          2020-06-22 分享到:

On June 22, Group President Hu Jianhua met with Zhao Haishan, Vice Governor of Hubei Province. Li Baian, Executive Vice President, Li Yadong, Assistant President, and Zhang Jian, Chief Digital Officer and Director of Financial Business Division, attended the meeting.

On behalf of the Group and Chairman Li Jianhong, Hu Jianhua paid high tribute to the significant contributions made by the people of Hubei during epidemic prevention and control, and expressed gratitude to the Hubei government for the assistance it provided to China Merchants Group's enterprises and employees in Hubei during the outbreak. Hu Jianhua stated that Hubei Province is a vital platform for China Merchants Group's business development. As a central SOE, China Merchants Group will take on the mission to support the development of Hubei with practical and efficient actions and promote the implementation of a number of major projects in Hubei.

Zhao Haishan expressed his gratitude to China Merchants Group for swiftly responding during the epidemic containment period, actively opening up the material transportation channels and fully supporting Hubei's epidemic prevention and control work. He added that China Merchants Group has a long history with Hubei and a wide range of industries in Hubei. The capabilities and resources possessed by China Merchants Group are strong support for Hubei's future development. He hoped that the two parties would deepen cooperation, jointly seize the recovery opportunity after the epidemic and promote Hubei's economy to achieve high-quality growth.

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