Liu Ning, Acting Governor of Liaoning Province, inspected Liaoning Port Group

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On July 4 and 5, Liu Ning, Acting Governor of Liaoning Province, paid a site visit to Liaoning Port Group. Chen Xiangqun, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, Tan Zuojun, Secretary of Dalian Municipal Committee, Chen Shaowang, Mayor of Dalian, and Deng Renjie, Executive Vice President of China Merchants Group and Chairman of Liaogang Port Group, participated in the inspection.

At the Port of Dalian, Liu Ning visited Dayaowan automobile terminal and container terminal, and heard reports on business development of China Merchants Group, production and operation of Liaogang Port Group and planning and positioning of Taiping Bay; At the Taiping Bay, Liu Ning heard a briefing on the construction of Taiping Bay project. Liu Ning spoke highly of the significance and role of China Merchants Group in leading ports integration in Liaoning and fully recognized the achievements Liaoning Port Group has made since the establishment. Deng Renjie expressed gratitude to Liaoning Province for its long-term care, support and assistance and also gave an introduction on the background of Liaogang Port Group's integration and its development. He hoped that Liaoning Provincial Government would continue to support the cooperation between the two sides, especially to provide corresponding assistance in transportation infrastructure construction and investment attraction, and work together to jointly build Taiping Bay into the "New Shekou" in Northeast Asia.

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