Uphold the concept of green development and protect ecological environment

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China Merchants Group (CMG) is committed to facilitating innovative and green development, increasing investment in science, technology, and environmental protection, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, innovating business models, creating a good environment where people, industries and the ocean coexist harmoniously, and building a better home.

Green development is a complicated and systematic project. CMG has been exploring and improving green management and has been implementing a development concept featuring “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”. CMG ensures the coverage of green operation practices in all its business sectors and has improved the Group’s capacity and level of green development by strengthening its planning, implementation, and evaluation capabilities. It has also improved closed-loop environmental management and green development and is implementing environmental protection actions in R&D, construction, product operation and other links. Furthermore, CMG has joined hands with governments, research institutions, suppliers and other sectors to attract a wider range of social forces to participate in activities and initiatives related to energy conservation and emission reduction, promote circular, low-carbon and green development of the city, and build a green ecology.

In Belt and Road Initiative countries and regions where CMG has invested in or operated projects, the Group is also sparing no effort to help boost green development of local economy and ecological environment protection.

In Sri Lanka, Hambantota International Port (HIP) has been doing its part for the green development of local community. Each year, HIP employees would participate in a beach clean-up initiative collecting rubbish in shorelines. In 2020, HIP joined hands with local education authority in Hambantota to plant 100 trees. In order to promote harmonious co-existence of local villages and wild elephants, HIP sponsored US$50,000 to fund an independent research conducted by the Peradeniya University. In addition, China Merchants Foundation, a charity arm of CMG, allocated US$125,000 in 2021 and launched a “Saving Elephants” project. The project is designed to adopt and raise elephant calves, assist the study of elephant anti-microbial resistance, and conduct elephant conservation awareness programs.

In Colombo, CICT has always strived towards using energy-saving products in an aim of sustaining a greener terminal. In CICT, LED lamps have been installed in the field. Rubber tyred gantry cranes have been equipped with advanced electric spreaders, instead of traditional oil ones. It helps reducing carbon emission by 6,502 tons annually, making CICT to become the first green terminal in Sri Lanka.

In Belarus, during the planning and construction of China Belarus Industrial Park, the original green vegetation in the park has been retained as far as possible, and the sewage treatment station and rainwater treatment station were established according to the requirements of local government, and the sewage discharge standard reaches the standard of fishery breeding. At the same time, the park urges and requires all resident enterprises to produce and manufacture in strict accordance with the ecological and environmental protection requirements set by the park. The park has obtained the EMAS European Union ecological management and audit system international certificate and the international certificate of ISO 14001 ecological environment management system.

In Djibouti, the International Djibouti Industrial Parks Operation FZCO (IDIPO) has introduced a policy of "Reducing energy consumption, reducing costs and increasing efficiency", aiming to protect local ecological environment and reduce costs. The monthly power consumption is expected to reduce by 50,000 to 60,000 kWh this year, compare with that of 2020.

HIP employees participate in the beach clean-up initiative.

In 2017, rubber tyred gantry cranes in CICT were equipped with more advanced electric spreaders.

Large-scale sewage treatment plant was built in China Belarus Industrial Park.

IDIPO staff calculate on how to reduce more of power consumption.



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