Corporate Identity System (CIS) plays an important role in corporate culture. It not only helps to achieve brand strategy and enhance intangible assets, but also important to enhance the cohesion and strengthen staff’s   sense of belonging.

  Rooted in the business practice of 140 years,enterprise culture of CMG is of both historical heritage and contemporary character. In 1947, there was a “standard committee” in CM, which promulgated the name “Merchants” in Chinese and English, font files, regarded the five words “the state-run China Merchants’” written by Tan Ze kai , the calligrapher of Republic of China, the standard provision, widely used in CMG. More than one hundred years later, “Merchants’  standard font and China Merchants English name became a rare historical wealth. From generation to generation, CMG employee make an effort to response to the call from the society and new epoch. They are adding new meaning to this historical brand.

Blue Standard Calligraphy of CMG

Black Standard Calligraphy of CMG

Black Logo of CMG

Blue Logo of CMG

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Blue and White Logo of CMG

Red and White CMG Logo
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Blue and White CMG Logo
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Chinese Version of CMG Logo

English Version of CMG Logo

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CMG Limited Logo
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CMG Limited Logo
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Flag of CMG

Standard Calligraphy of “China
Merchants Group”in Chinese Version

CMG Logo

Graph of CMG Logo

Theme Song of CMG

Standard CMG Logo including
Founding Time

CMG Logo(Black and White Version)

Standard Colors and Aided Colors

Standard CMG Logo
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Standard CMG Logo in Vertical View

Combination of Aided Pictures 2nd

Standard CMG Limited Logo
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Combination of Aided Pictures 1st

Standard CMG Logo in Horizontal View

Standard CMG Limited Logo
in Horizontal Combination

Standard Subordinate Enterprise of
CMG Logo in Horizontal View

Standard Subordinate Companies of
CMG Limited Logo in Horizontal
Standard Chinese and English Calligraphy for Printing

Name Card of CMG

Name Card of Subordinate Enterprise of CMG

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Pictures for Advertising

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A4 Simplified Chinese Picture (Format: jpg, 3.6M)

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Banner Traditional Chinese Version (Format:jpg, 6M)

Banner Traditional Chinese Version (Format:jpg, 6M)

Li Hongzhang founded CMG

Li Hongzhang presented a memorial to the Qing Emperor about “setting up a company to develop commerce and to transport tribute grain” on 23 December 1872

“China Merchants”was written by famous calligrapher Tan Zekai in 1947

Old China Merchants established in 1901 and located at No.9 bund(This building now still exists)

The office building of China Merchants Steam Navigation Company on the bund after maintenance

The first China Merchants Charter in December 1872

Li Hongzhang sent his people to persuade rich merchants to be the shareholders of company

China Merchants launched 19 branches, covering many coastal cities in China

China Merchants established Renhe Insurance Company in 1876,the first insurance company in China.Later it announced its merge with Jihe Insurance Company and former Renjihe Insurance Company

China Merchants launched Commercial Bank of China,the first bank in modern China on May,1897

Kaiping Coal Mine, opened in 1878,was the earliest big coal mine in modern China

In 1878,China Merchants helped established Shanghai Machine Weaving Bureau,the first large-scale textile in China

China Merchants invested the first railway in 1881

CMG formed Hanyeping Corporation in 1908, the earliest and biggest coal and steel enterprise in China

China Merchants was allowed to run China’s first tax-free warehouse in Shanghai in 1887

The first special telephone line set up by Chinese people was completed by China Merchants in 1879.In 1929, China Merchants took the lead among all the Chinese shipping enterprise in the use of wireless station for its maritime communication

The first telegraph office in China,Tianjin Telegraph Office was set up in 1880,and was managed by China Merchants’ leader Zheng Guanyin

At the gate of China Merchants, Chinese children sponsored by CMG had a group photo taken session before leaving the US to study on 1872.

China Merchants was the earliest central enterprise in Hong Kong which has been a significant base for 130 years. The picture shows the No.1 Dock in Hong Kong of China Merchants

China Merchants became state-owned and renamed National China Merchants Shipping on November 11,1932. . The picture shows the No.1 dock of Macau

Shanghai witnessed the first glory period of China Merchants,which has been the main business location for 79 years. The picture shows the old dock

China Merchants is the earliest and largest national shipping enterprise in recent China, which open routes among South Asia, East Asia ,Pacific Ocean and Atlantic ocean

China Merchants is the earliest stock-joint corporation in China, which started joint stock system sine 1873. The picture shows the sample of stock in 1948

China Merchants set up 19 branches since established. The picture shows the old Qing Dao branch of China Merchants

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Shanghai Council took charge of China Merchants on May 28, 1949

China Merchants Hong Kong taking a picture commemorate the uprising on 1950

China Merchants’ headquarter- China Merchants Tower at the Victoria Harbor

The Construction of the Shekou Industrial Zone officially started with the first explosive of the mountain blasting in July 1979,which was called the first shot of the Opening-up of China

Deng Xiaoping inspected Shekou Industrial zone on 26 January,1984

China Merchants is the leading public port operator in China

China Merchants is the main investor of the first Container Terminals in Hong Kong and second large dock and Hong Kong modern dock

China Merchants is the largest corporation for highway investment

Haicang Bridge, designed by China Merchants Chongqing Communications Research & Design Institute, is a very important bridge that connects Xiamen Island and Haicang District on the mainland

On August 11,1986,CMG launched the first joint-stock commercial bank in China-China Merchants Bank, which was honored “The Best Chinese Bank” by many authorities"

China Merchants Securities as one of the 10 comprehensive securities in China

In 1988,China Merchants and ICBC Shenzhen Trust and Investment Corporation jointly established China’s first joint-stock insurance company-Ping An Insurance Company

Shekou prospered as beautiful coastal city from small fishing village after 30-year construction of China Merchants

After 20 years, Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic&Technological Development Zone sprung into a coastal city which is good for living and business from small fishing village. Now, it has become a national class project with 56.17 square kilometers planning area

China Merchants Property Development is honored as Top 10 listed real estate companies in China for consecutive years, which covers comprehensive sectors among development,property management,leasing ant etc..

China Merchants has the biggest supertanker fleet in China

China Merchants Logistics has become the model area of logistics industry in China

State-of-the-art ship repairing and high-end maritime engineering manufacture in China

China Merchants Tower located at the CBD has become one of the landmarks in Peking

China International Marine Containers(Group)Co.Ltd.launched by China Merchants became the biggest container manufacturing company in the world

China Merchants Hoi Tung Trading Company is the member of CMG, which covers maritime products, cigarettes and alcohols and Asian food

China Merchants’ headquarters at the Victoria Harbor

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CMG, founded in the Westernization Movement in 1872, is a pioneer in China's national industry and commerce. During past 140 years, CMG made a lot of firsts and acted as a leader in different business fields, like setting up the first commercial fleet, bank, insurance company in modern China. CMG plays an important role in economic history and social development history of modern China...

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